Betty Atkinson's New Site

I just built a new site for Katie’s mom Betty. Her gallery bought a nice quarter-page ad in a national art magazine, and included a URL for a web site that they said they would build. The ad ran in October. The ULR for that web site still has a “Coming soon!” message on it, which is abhorrent to me.

So Katie and Betty worked to pull together a bunch of content and I put the site together over a couple of weekends. Go have a look. We’re all pretty happy with it.

posted by David at 04:12 PM on 24 Dec 04
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Good for us!

Anchorage has a craigslist! It looks like it started up around September 1. I feel like our little burg has achieved some sort of goal.

posted by David at 08:40 PM on 22 Nov 04
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